5 Signs That Your Car Needs Automatic Transmission Repairs

Have you ever wondered why they even put in a warranty like the “100,000-mile powertrain warranty” you see in car ads?

Most people don’t pay attention to that part, but a car with 100,000 miles on it used to be a rarity. It wasn’t always the engine that was the main issue, however. Usually, the powertrain goes out first.

The part that almost always goes first is the one with the most moving parts. There’s no place on the car with more moving parts dealing with higher speed and torque than the transmission.

Manual transmissions aren’t too bad to fix, but sometimes you’ll need automatic transmission repairs. Keep reading to see which situations you might run into this expensive repair.

1. It’s A Classic

One of the top reasons for automatic transmission repairs could be that you’re working on a classic car with automatic transmission. This is, surely, not the case 99% of the time.


However, if you are in that 1%, you’ll need to keep it in top shape. In that case, you could need to get a transmission rebuild kit to start from scratch.

2. Slow or Hard Shifts

We expect manual transmissions to come with a bit of lag as the driver shifts at the right speed and RPM. Not so much with automatic transmissions.

Our expectation for automatic transmissions is that we get a smooth ride from start to finish. If you’re starting from a red light and feel a thud for every change of the gear, it’s time to go in for a check-up.

3. Check Engine Light or Transmission Warnings

The check engine light isn’t quite like a “blue screen of death” that many of us are familiar with in computers, but it’s a warning sign that all is not well.


Cars also have a dedicated transmission light if it senses temperatures are getting too high or other issues are in the mix.

4. Rough Idling

If your car seems like it’s getting ready to stall while you’re idling in neutral or getting into first gear, there’s a good chance that your automatic transmission problems are catching up with you. It might even be time for an automatic transmission rebuild.

5. Slow Acceleration or Low Power

If your engine seems to be revving but acceleration isn’t what it used to be, we understand. Many people’s cars tend to have performance problems as they age..

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On a serious note, though, it could be a friction clutch that isn’t as powerful as it used to be. As the transmission engages with the flywheel, the flywheel transfers its energy into the gearbox through this friction disc. Because it’s a system that relies on friction, it wears down and starts slipping.

To make sure your car has power when you need it, make sure that this essential part isn’t past its life expectancy.

Five Top Reasons for Automatic Transmission Repairs

Whether the reason for your automatic transmission repairs it’s important to spot the warning signs that tell you it’s necessary. Now that you’ve got a keen eye for what to look for, you should be ready to rock n’ roll (not rumble) in style.

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