Buying a New vs. Used RV: Which Is Better?

Due to safety concerns, vacationers across the USA are discovering the joys of RV travel, with 75% of RV owners recording record high rentals. RV sales continue to soar as more people discover the benefits of vacationing or renting their recreational vehicles.

If you’re keen to hop on the recreational vehicle bandwagon, you’re probably wondering whether a new RV is worth the expense, or if a used vehicle will do the trick.

There are a few things to know before you head to the internet and search for a ‘new or used RV near me.’ Here’s how to choose between a new or used RV to suit your needs.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a New RV

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Buying an RV isn’t cheap, and it’s also a choice that involves a long decision-making process. You’ll need to decide what type of RV suits your vacation aspirations, whether you want to tow or drive it, and which brand offers the most bang for your buck.

Once you’ve finally decided on all the above, you can start looking around at your available options. These are the things to consider if you’ve opted to go the easy route and buy a new RV.

It’s a New Vehicle

When you buy a new RV, you know that there’s nothing in its past that could affect your future holidays. It’s pristine, clean, and even has an irresistible new car smell.

There are almost no miles on the odometer, and it’s never been in an accident or experienced wear from rough terrain.

New RVs also come with a long warranty, and it’s easier to get finance for a new vehicle.

New RV’s Depreciate Fast

The sad part is that as soon as drive your new RV off the showroom floor, it becomes a used RV. Recreational vehicles lose their original value as fast as any other vehicle.

If there are any manufacturing problems with a new RV, you’ve yet to discover them.

Although a warranty protects you from the costs associated with these repairs, that’s small comfort when you’re stuck in the wilderness with an RV that isn’t living up to your expectations.

Is Buying a Used RV Right for You?

If you’ve spent any time at all researching the cost of RVs, there’s a good chance you’re prepared to broaden your net to include the used RV market. There are several reasons why this might end up a better option for you.

You’ll Pay Less When You Buy a Used RV

Unlike a new vehicle, used RV prices are pretty static. There’s no dramatic downturn in a used RVs value, it will stay the same for at least a year.

Since RV’s depreciate so fast, you could save thousands of dollars by buying an almost-new RV from a reputable used RV dealer. The best preowned RVs include good warranties and guarantees to protect you against any future problems.

Many dealers will offer some incentives for buying an RV from them, such as a 20% discount for cash, or willingness to negotiate the price.

It’s Already ‘Broken-In’

A used RV has already progressed beyond the point where a manufacturing fault could affect your vacation. If you buy yours from a reputable dealer, you can rest assured that the previous owner has already ironed out any issues with the vehicle.

Your used RV might also come with a few extras that make life easier. As the previous owner’s explored the countryside, they no doubt discovered a few shortcomings in the design of their RV and made up for these.

For instance, the cupboards might feature useful space-saving additions, or the vehicle could have energy-saving lights and heaters installed.

You might pay a little more for an RV with additional features or customizations, but you can console yourself with the fact that these extras will add value to your vacations.

If you’re lucky, your pre-owned RV might include conveniences like leveling jacks, hoses, cords, dishes, and outdoor furniture, too.

Used RVs Are a Popular Choice

Due to all these benefits, you’ll need to act fast when you find a used RV for sale that ticks all your boxes. You usually won’t have time to keep shopping around for a better deal.

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All the best ones sell fast, so if you find a good deal, you should snatch it up right away. 

Some owners might want more than their RV is worth due to this high demand, so make sure you know your prices if you intend to buy from a private individual.

You Might End Up With a Lemon

All used vehicles have their quirks. The previous owner might not have disclosed some issues with the vehicle, or it might have suffered an accident.

The RV might have small underlying issues that could develop into big problems fast. It’s vitally important to inspect any used vehicle thoroughly before you buy it and get hold of its VIN, so you can check its history.

Again, shopping with a reputable dealer protects you from buying a sub-standard vehicle. Try to be realistic, you can expect a few repair bills within the first few years of owning a used vehicle, but that comes with the territory.

Hit the Road

Whether you decide to go with a new or used RV, you’re in for a whole new world of vacation adventures. RV-ing offers opportunities to explore further for less, embrace nature in comfort, and travel in safety.

It’s a vacation trend that’s bound to stay in the limelight for many years to come, paving the way for you to earn money from your investment when you’re not using it yourself.

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