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Sky F1 Commentator, David Croft, Speculates Lewis Hamilton Could Join Ferrari… We Smell Clickbait Bullshit
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The amount of times we use expletives as a function to express an opinion makes us weep for the future of serious journalism. But our shame mechanism hasn’t kicked in just yet because we don’t have a shame mechanism. And serious journalism is dead.

But we do get fired up by speculative bullshit and this time the bullshit is pouring from the mouth of David Croft like lava flowing down the side of a mountain.

David Croft, former BBC F1 commentator, betrayed his previous employer by jumping ship to Sky. Many wished he had simply jumped off a ship, somewhere in the mid-Atlantic.

Crofty, as he is also known, recently said in an interview that Lewis Hamilton could join Ferrari. Indeed Hamilton will choose to end his career at the Scuderia.

Crofty said: “Wouldn’t it be nice to see Hamilton as a Ferrari driver,”

Nice for who Crofty? For you? So you can put together a 5-minute drivel filled video montage of Hamilton’s career full of highlights and emotional cliffhangers?

The nonsensical speculation continues:

“It can happen so don’t ever count that one out. I am sure Lewis Hamilton thought about that once or twice as well. If Ferrari have a car to win a Championship I think it could happen.”

Yeah, I am sure Hamilton thinks about a lot of things Crofty. Like walking out of drivel filled interviews full of doe-eyed hacks.

The self-absorbed speculation:

“Red Bull, Max Verstappen is getting better and better as the years go on,”

What, so Red Bull has never ever been better?

“Pierre Gasly is his team-mate (WE KNOW!) and crucially, Honda engines powering for the first time – a new partnership there. They are in the Championship party as well.”

Championship party? Someone hand me a sick bag…PLEASE!

But his final statement really got our blood boiling:

“That is what fans want to see; variety and competition.”

Is this guy totally out of touch with the fans or what? Crofty, what the fans want to see is free-to-air coverage of F1. Variety and competition of TV rights. And what have we got now? a monopoly that no one is going to buy into.

Ultimately Hamilton is free to drive for whoever he desires, it’s got nothing to do with us. All he wants is wins and championships, the 5-minute drivel filled video montages is time filling comfort food so that you (the viewer) happen to stumble on an ad for something you can’t afford to buy, don’t want to buy but have just bought into.

I often think Crofty carries around with him a mirror, every so often holds it aloft and declares “who’s the fairest of them all.” Now that’s bullshit speculation we can believe in.

God damn it, I am a rotten journalist but a wonderful human being.


David croft bullshit dailycarblog.com
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