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Honestly, Officer; This Is A Brand New Vehicle
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You need a small fortune behind you to buy a brand new car nowadays. That’s the main reason why more of us than ever are seeking alternative routes to car ownership. For some of us, this means opting for more affordable options like car financing. This allows us to get the newest vehicles for set monthly rates. For others, saving money is all about opting for used choices to save big.

There’s no getting past it; used car sales are the best chance any of us stand at getting on the road and keeping money in the bank. The only trouble is that it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest hot models when shopping this way. Though there are often better choices in used garages than you might expect, you aren’t going to find a same-year release this way.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for an old banger which embarrasses you. Just shopping around could see you landing a pretty cool second-hand car. If you want to hide the fact that your car isn’t brand new, you could even make use of the following methods.

Get a paint job

used car advice

You’d be amazed by how much difference a paint job can make on an old car. Dented or scratched paintwork is undoubtedly going to give away the old origins of your ‘new’ wheels. Not to mention that old colours aren’t what we see on our roads today. Of course, a paint job is sure to cost you, but that’s nowhere near the price you would pay for something new. And, it can make even the oldest vehicle sparkle again.

Personalise your number plates

Number plates deserve more recognition than they get. These can go a long way towards dating a vehicle. They can also be the breath of fresh air which brings an old car into more modern stylings. Consider personalised number plates, for example, which are a relatively recent addition. It’s not unusual to see brand new sports cars racing down the road with these attached. And, attempting the same thing with your older car could be the way to make it look much newer. That’s because these bring an undeniable touch of class to any vehicle. They could even help to detract from the fact that your model isn’t the latest on the market.

Upgrade your tech

In many ways, tech is the primary difference between cars coming out now, and those of a few years back. Every new release seems to have some upgraded tech within it. And, this is something you can bring to your used car to keep it up to date. You can now buy everything from wireless sensors for the back of your vehicle, to dash cams to keep up front. You can even get infotainment systems on your phone. All these things are sure to upgrade your car no end. Get enough gadgets onboard, and you could even convince yourself that your cheaper option is one of those expensive new releases.


used car advice
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