Winter Season
Welcoming the First Snowflakes: Your Ultimate 6-Part Checklist for Getting Your Car Ready for the Winter Season

WWhen the colder weather starts to move in, it pays off to be prepared. Whether that means stocking up on salt and buying a new shovel for the walkways or stocking up on canned goods for those random blizzards, it’s important to keep your vehicle in mind. The winter season can be hard on your car. Between cold temperatures, ice and snow, and the abundance of salt, cars take a beating.

So, to help you be better prepared for the winter season, here’s a six-part checklist for getting your car ready for the drop in temperatures.

No.1: Change Over to Winter Tires

This may seem little, but it’s important. Due to their composition, winter tires are able to retain better flexibility at lower temperatures, making them a necessity in areas that often drop below freezing for long stretches at a time. So, when’s the best time to switch your tires over? November is the likely month to do so since this is typically when the temperature begins to become more consistently colder. And a place like can help you determine which set of winter tires would work best for your vehicle. After switching your tires over, be sure to watch your tires so that they are over or under-inflated.

No.2: Check and Refill All Fluids

It’s important to be sure that your fluids are refreshed and topped off. Over time, antifreeze weakens. So by refilling your fluids before the winter months, you’re ensuring that your engine will run properly despite the colder temperatures.

No.3: Replace Windshield Wipers

Now, this may seem like a minor thing, but what’s going to help you if you happen to have to drive through heavy snowfall? The rubber on windshield wipers wears over time, and the ice doesn’t help this. With fresh wipers, your saving yourself from struggling to see if you drive during showers. And be sure to raise your blades off the windshield when you’re parked if they’re calling for snow so that the ice doesn’t ruin them.

No.4: Check Your Battery

On average, car batteries last about four years. The last thing I think anyone would want to be doing is swapping out a battery or jumping a car during a snowstorm. So, do yourself a favour and get it checked before the white powder starts coming down.

No.5: An Emergency Kit

Life tends to happen fast and almost always in unpredictable ways. You never know what’s going to happen, and there are times when having something as simple as a blanket can mean the difference between life and death. It’s best to be as prepared as you possibly can be for whatever comes your way.

No.6: A Wash and Wax

This is one thing that many people may not consider taking care of before the winter season rolls around, but it’s just as important in maintaining your car. By washing and waxing your car before the snow starts and the streets begin getting treated with salt, you’re putting a protective layer between your paint and the elements. It takes an hour or so of labour, but it could save you big time in the long run. And besides, who doesn’t enjoy driving around in a fresh, shiny car?

Now that you’ve been over the six-part checklist to prepare for the coming cold, be sure that your car checks off each box to ensure a safe winter season.


Winter Season
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