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How To Get WiFi in Your Car 

In the internet age, the thought of being offline for even a few minutes is enough to send many into a cold sweat. We want – indeed we expect – to be able to get online quickly, easily and inexpensively wherever we are. In cafes, restaurants, even supermarkets, free WiFi is the norm and we can log on with our phones and laptops to enjoy as good a connection as we do at home or in the office.

However, this is the age of the internet on the go, and you don’t get much more “on the go” than in the car. As a driver, you might want access to your online music library. Or perhaps you are a passenger looking to relieve the boredom of a long trip by streaming a movie on Netflix or trying out the Irish free spins on

Whatever your circumstances and your browsing habits, there are times when in-car WiFi is going to be exactly what you need. There are three routes you can consider that will lead you to truly mobile internet.

Create your own hotspot

The simplest way to turn your car into a rolling WiFi zone is simply by using your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot. Typically, there is no limit on the number of people who can connect to it, and as long as your phone has a good connection, then so will those accessing the hotspot.

Simple is one thing, but it also has its disadvantages. Using your phone in this way drains the battery at a rapid rate, so you’ll need a car charger or everyone’s browsing will be short-lived. It can also deplete your mobile data with similar speed. If you only have a limited amount per month, the last thing you need is someone streaming movies for hours on end. Also, the hotspot can switch itself off after a set period if not in use, meaning people are constantly having to reconnect.

Buy a mobile hotspot device

These are great gadgets, and there are some who literally carry them around with them wherever they go. It’s a modern-day answer to what women carry in their handbags, although some are small enough to slip in your pocket or attach to a keyring.

Like your phone, they will have a SIM card and you can either buy data as you go or sign up to a monthly plan. Also, like the phone, you will find the cost of the device varies depending on the sort of purchase plan you choose. However, these are not expensive pieces of kit.

Install vehicle WiFi

A more elegant solution is to purchase an in-car WiFi dongle to ensure you always have in-car internet the moment you switch on the ignition. These devices work in materially the same way as the mobile hotspot device but plug into the car’s cigarette lighter, USB socket or OBD port. In fact, some even serve as both WiFi modem and OBD-II scanner, meaning you also have the benefit of instant diagnostics monitoring on your car’s internal systems.

Internet For The Trucking Industry

The internet has become an indispensable tool for the trucking industry, providing valuable information and communication resources for truckers on the road. Here are some of the benefits that internet for truckers offers:

1. GPS and mapping software: Truckers can use GPS and mapping software to get real-time traffic updates, plan routes, and find rest areas and truck stops along the way.

2. Load boards: Online load boards allow truckers to find available loads and negotiate rates with shippers and brokers.

3. Weather updates: Weather can have a significant impact on the safety and efficiency of trucking operations. Weather apps and websites provide up-to-date forecasts and alerts for truckers.

4. Communication tools: Truckers can stay in touch with their dispatchers, brokers, and families using email, instant messaging, and video chat services.

5. Online training and education: Truckers can use online training courses and resources to learn about safety regulations, best practices, and new technologies in the industry.

6. Social media: Truckers can connect with other truckers and share information and advice on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

E-commerce: Online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart provide truckers with easy access to a wide range of goods, from personal items to truck accessories and supplies.

Overall, the internet offers a wealth of resources and opportunities for truckers to enhance their safety, efficiency, and quality of life on the road.

Free WiFi
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