Twins: Lamborghini Asterion vs Ford GT
For many months now we have been looking at the Ford GT and thinking, that’s a great looking design from Ford. But Ford have also been known to, lets say ‘borrow’ designs, I mean look at the new Ford Mondeo. Its an Aston Martin. Look at the Ford Focus, its a… OK well its original Ford. But then it suddenly hit us when we were looking at Lamborghini concepts that never were. Remember the Lamborghini Asterion? Well Ford Certainly do and lets just say the Ford GT has plenty of ‘Asterion DNA’ blended into its body work. We won’t say copy, obviously there are differences, the Ford GT has those characteristic Flying-Buttress supports and the Blue Oval badge. That is all. The Asterion concept was released in 2014, its a Plug-in Hybrid a “technology demonstrator” say Lamborghini, Ford revealed their version of the Lamborghini Asterion at this years North American Auto Show. Its fair to say the Ford GT took every one by surprise, we can’t help but think Lamborghini were equally as surprised and behind the scenes there was probably a lot of shrugging of shoulders and tilting of heads in that disapproving of Italian ways. But as a great Italian philosopher once said, “stay close to your friends, but closer to your enemies” which is a take on the ancient Persian proverb my enemy’s enemy is my friend“. Will Lamborghini take their time to get their own back on Ford or will they play it cool, shake the ‘enemies’ hand express the smile and give generous praise before springing a pincer like surprise. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that in the automotive industry, but vain-glorious Ford do get away with a lot of crap.  Ford-GT-Lamborghini-Asterion-Look-A-Like
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