Mercedes GLC GLC Coupe
2019 Mercedes GLC and GLC Coupe Is Primed And Ready
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The Mercedes GLC and GLC Coupe are now available to order in 2019 specifications. Technically called a ‘mid-life-update’ both the GLC and GLC Coupe are treated to a raft of minor exterior and interior styling tweaks, more tech, and enhanced powertrains. So, the exteriors of both model variants receive restyled LED taillights and headlights, new front and rear bumpers, restyled front grille and a set of new alloy wheel designs. Adaptive suspension is now offered as an optional extra.

The GLC is offered with all-wheel-drive as standard. Updated 4-cylinder diesel engines are available in the familiar 2.0-litre and 2.2-litre derivatives and offer 160bhp and 194bhp respectively. No manual, it’s a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Mercedes GLC

The petrol-engined GLC 200 and GLC 300 models now adopt a mild-hybrid system. This incorporates a 48-volt belt driver starter generator. Power is rated at 195bhp and 254bhp respectively.

The new mild hybrids have many functions to assist engine performance and efficiency. Turbo lag is all but eliminated, During deceleration, the starter/alternator recuperates kinetic energy and charges the battery.

Mercedes GLC GLC Coupe interior

The interior is still pretty much unchanged, the GLC and GLC Coupe are based on the C CLass platform and as such make use of the C CLass interior.

The GLC and GLC Coupe makes use of the latest Mercedes 10.25-inch MBUX infotainment system. Driver assistance is also on the table as is the latest multifunctional steering wheel design.

Mercedes GLC Coupe

Be warned, there will be plenty of tempting and probably not required optional extras. Prices start from $53k USD, order books are open now with first deliveries expected in July.


Mercedes GLC GLC Coupe
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