Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid Review by Daily Car Blog
Porsche Confirms The Pure Electric Cayenne Will Be Retail Ready By 2026
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The existence of a rumored pure electric Cayenne is hardly surprising given that no evidence is required to even speculate about it. One only has to look at the Porsche product portfolio to confirm such speculation. The very existence of the electric Taycan is all the proof required to guess what happens next in the Porsche story. So it is hardly shocking to finally have it confirmed at the company’s recent annual general meeting. The Cayenne has a special place in Porsche’s history, it saved the company from a perilous state of affairs when it launched in 2003.

The all-electric Porsche Cayenne will debut in 2026 and will be built on a dedicated next-generation modular electric platform code-named PPE (Premium Platform Electric). The all-electric Cayenne will rely on the Taycan’s electric powertrain. However, a Dual Motor AWD Cayenne is expected to be standard. Power is likely to start from 603BHP and 1,000Nm torque (738 pound-feet) with more powerful variants in the product pipeline to follow.

The all-electric Cayenne will feature an 800-volt electric architecture that will support fast charging speeds of 270kW. The range is expected to be around 300 miles for entry-level models and could reach up to 400 miles depending on battery capacity. However, before the arrival of the Cayenne in 2026, Porsche will release the all-electric Macan EV in 2024, which will be the first Porsche model to reside on the PPE platform.

When the all-electric Cayenne arrives, it will sit alongside Porsche’s current gasoline and plug-in hybrid models.

Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid Review by Daily Car Blog
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