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Noway Becomes Biggest Electric Car Market
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With a population of over 5 million people, Norway is leading the charge when it comes to adopting electric car technology. Indeed during the month of March 58.4 percent of new car sales were electric cars. That amounts to just over 5k electric cars sold. A record for any country. Norway wants to end the sale of non-electric cars by 2025. The USA and China are still the biggest electric vehicle markets.

In Norway electric cars are exempt from import and purchase taxes and from the 25% VAT. In addition Norwegians who buy electric cars also avoid paying road tolls, road tax, can use bus lanes and get free parking in cities.

The Tesla Model 3 accounted for the March market share increase. This is due to increased availability of the Tesla Model 3. Indeed Tesla has struggled to keep up with demand.

But Norway has not yet gone fully electric. Tesla is the dominant Electric vehicle brand but it is bought mainly by the more affluent Norwegian.

Most electric car buyers in Norway run a small electric vehicle for short commuter trips and keep a gas powered car for longer journeys.

The Norwegian Electric Car Vehicle Association says that 70 percent of its 60,000 members also own a gas powered car.

Norway tesla,
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