The Grand Tour
Why We Refuse To Watch The Last Ever Episode of The Grand Tour

We have watched all 13 episodes of the Grand Tour from season 3, and it’s been a great watch. Amazon Prime, 4k UHD on a 55-inch Sony Bravia TV makes for a great viewing experience. But we here at DCB refuse to watch the final episode. And we know our three daily viewers will be disappointed to learn of this.

Sorry the dog, next neighbour’s cat and Jeff Bezos but that is our decision. And yes Jeff Bezos does read this blog, or rather has read this blog. We know because Amazon representatives contacted us… to tell us what an amazing job we’ve been doing.

Anyway this week’s episode of the Grand Tour is a bit emotional. It’s the last show, so to speak. Well not entirely, after the final episode the Grand Tour will revert to a handful of specials, there will be no more studio segments.

We all knew this was coming but Jeremy Clarkson gets a bit emotional at the end of the last episode. But why!? As a result of the show he’s become a multi-millionaire, ditto Hammond and May.

I don’t get emotional when I spill a bottle of milk and I’ve been drinking milk for 29 earth years.

In other words everything has a shelf life, one day this crappy award winning blog will come to an end. Our many enemies will rejoice.

Admittedly we thought the end for us was going to be a few years ago, but were still limping on with one leg and a bottle of rum, more like pirates than journalists, somehow surviving.

But we will not be watching the last ever episode of The Grand Tour. Because we want to remember the three idiots as they were, not the emotional lip quivering end.

Well, the real reason is they are ‘bigging-up the Ford Mondeo. We have never bought into the Ford Mondeo myth, it was a pile of crap then and it still is and therefore we will not be watching.


The Grand Tour
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