Mercedes EQC Carwow Review
Carwow’s Mat Watson Prioritises Showing Off His Teeth Over The Mercedes EQC Review

Great news, we now have four daily readers to this site. The dog, next door neighbor’s cat, Jeff Bezos and now Carwow. We’re rollin’ in the popularity stakes, top quality car blog. Mi casa es su casa. Our respectability is on the rise, an unstoppable march into… something-ness… AHEM!

We, are like pirates, raiding and pillaging where ever we go. As for Carwow’s review of the Mercedes EQC, it’s rather OK for an all-electric car. Quality is better than a Tesla.

The EQC is the first all-electric vehicle from Mercedes. The 80kWh battery and 4 electric motors are good for 300kW (402bhp), a top speed of 112mph and a claimed theoretical range of 293miles.

In the UK pricing starts from £65,000 Great Brexit Pounds (GBP). The limited Edition 1 model will cost £75k. But we would still buy a Tesla because the underlying technology is much better.

Mercedes EQC Carwow Review
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