Nissan Mercedes X Class
Nissan Mercedes X Class Element Edition Should Be Shunned Like A Heretic
Worst Car of the Week

The good news about the Nissan Mercedes X Class is that it will be available in the UK… in limited numbers. Thank the Lord, praise to the Gods for we have been exorcised. The Element Edition X 250d 4Matic is a Nissan wrapped up in a Mercedes marketing push. A lot of money has been spent to deceive you (the buying public) that the Nissan Mercedes X Class is nothing more than a wholesome Mercedes. It isn’t, it never was. You know that and I know that except perhaps (deliberately on purpose) Mercedes.

And that’s why we have a problem with the Nissan Mercedes X Class because it never was because it isn’t. I don’t care about the model specific heated mirrors, the iridium matt finish on the radiator grille, the stupid exterior graphics, the chrome door handles, LED head and tail lights and whatever the hell else the spec is.

None of it matters because this fraud, this angle grinder approach to badge engineering a Nissan pickup and making you believe it is a Mercedes is… all of the latter. (my train of thought was running out just then).

Don’t buy this steel and glass, leather and plastic heretic to the pickup class, not in any edition. Don’t waste your money. Only buy a Mercedes pickup when Mercedes actually bother to make a pickup. And don’t buy a Nissan pickup.

The only reason why you might ever require a pickup is if you are planning to convert it to a technical vehicle with an anti-aircraft gun mounted onto the rear deck. Or if you are into rural crime and plan on stealing sheep at night to earn a living.

Thankfully nobody is buying into the marketing hype and our insiders are telling us that it will quietly go the way of the pickup Dodo. Ultimately this means that the Nissan Mercedes X Class is and always will be one of the worst ever cars of the week… ever.


Nissan Mercedes X Class
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