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13 Ways To Make Money With A Junk Car

Got an old junk car lying around? Check out these convenient ways to utilize its parts and make some quick cash! You can earn money with your unroadworthy car abandoned in the yard. It could be so run down, but you still have a chance to salvage some parts or fix it for money because there is a market for your car whether it can move or not. Besides, this is a better way to dispose of the junk car so that it doesn’t harm the environment if it left there.

If you got an old junk car lying around, check out these convenient ways to utilize its parts and make some quick cash!

1.A Trade In

You can save a lot of money on your next buy by trading in your junk car by checking online to get an estimation of how much your car could be worth.

When doing a trade in, people will want to negotiate to possible nothing, so add 10% to your estimated value and remember to negotiate well, then top up to get a new car.

2. Sell the Car

You can choose to make a few repairs on the car and sell it by cleaning it and doing the basic maintenance.

If your documentation is intact, there is nothing difficult with getting a buyer as you will need the title, bill of sale, release of liability, warranty (if it is still valid) and maintenance records. This option allows you to dispose of the car as a whole and you can also be paid cash.

Most people who buy an old car feel that they have found a bargain and it would be so sad to have someone buy your car at a throw-away price, then go repaint it and make a killing from it. Take your time, determine the pricing and spruce it up if it won’t be too costly.

Do not go overboard to fix junk car, just give it enough makeover to get you some quick cash and markup to create a room for bargaining. Consider researching banks with high saving interest rates to make the most of your earnings. Maximize your money wisely. When advertising, do not withhold details about the state of the car as it could land you into trouble or paint you as dishonest.

An old car tip that works all the time is to get high-quality pictures for both the interior and exterior. Professional photos make all the difference in advertising.

3. Disable and Sell Easy-To-Access Parts

Junk car parts are where the money lies and it gets even better if you are handy enough to remove the parts yourself or if you know a friend or someone close that can lend a hand.

Most likely, you’ll get more by selling parts separately at the end instead of the whole junk and here are a few tips for the best and easiest junk car parts to start with for quick bucks.

4. Scrap the Whole Thing

If your car is too damaged and you don’t want the hassle of removing parts, seek to sell your junk car for the best price. It’s still a good option if you want to disregard my advice about selling in parts.

5. Car Batteries

These ones never run out of demand and are also easy to sell especially on a sunny day when looking for quick cash. They’re also easy to remove so you don’t have to call an expert and you could also keep them for your replacement and save a good amount of cash.

6. Aluminum Rims

Cars have an aluminum type that is of better value or quality than most types out there and are an easy sell. Remove the actual tire before scraping off the rim. It’ll help in recouping all your money back. That tire could be used for something else later.

7. Lead Wheel Weights

These are located inside the tire and are a bit longer and are made of lead with steel clips. These steel clips make them cheaper than regular lead and are not such a hot sale like lead, but they still fetch good bucks.

8. Starters and Alternators

These are a good fit in terms of scrap worth as they come with a good chunk of copper so they are a good material to scrap without much hustle.

9. Catalytic Converters

These are the cash cows of car scrap and are more valuable than any other part in the junk car as they have platinum, palladium, and rhodium inside. Each “cat” can be sold for between $15 and $200. This should be the scrap part to think about first if you have a cash emergency.

You can find buyers for these parts both online and offline. Some will conveniently come to you. You can also go to YouTube and watch videos on how you can get more valuable parts from your scrap junk car.

10. Sell the Rest as Scrap

Once you’re done getting out the hot parts for sale, sell the remaining part as scrap. Don’t forget the regulations surrounding scrap yards and scrap worth. Ensure the scrapper you are dealing with is an Authorized Treatment Facility certified.

Once you enter details online they will send back a quotation of how much they can pay if you take it to the yard or how much less if they pick it from home. You can learn more about metal scraps prices here.

11. Flip Your Junk Car

You can either call a flip junker or you can flip the car yourself because there are lots of people that specialize in buying junk cars and making income out of it so it easy to get junk car help. You could also flip it yourself through sites such as Craigslist and like selling, put your best foot forward in matters bargaining.

12.Offer as Extras to a Working Car

If you are selling other cars, offer parts of your junk car as extras because it will give the car that you are selling a great resale value. People love extras when it comes to cars so be sure to mention them when preparing sale to entice more buyers with good offers.

13. Barter or Donate

When was the last time you gave out something for charity? There are a lot of organizations that could work with and benefit from the junk car. They take the clapped-out car then donate the money to charity. It is as good as coming from your pocket, so start with the process of valuation, price it in your books and then give it out to a deserving group.

If a friend or someone you know fixes old cars as a hobby, find an item you would need from them and barter your junk car.

Now You Know What to Do with Your Junk Car

A junk car can still come in handy when you need cash. You have many options like selling it as a scrapper, fixing it for a good sale or donating to a charitable organization. for more tips on how to make the most money out of your junk car, please read more on our blog post.

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