Supercar Blondie
Is Supercar Blondie YouTube Woman A Neo-Liberal National Socialist?

Supercar Blondie… blonde hair, blue eyes, white Australian the perfect indicators of neo-liberal white supremacy? It’s so obvious, she even uses the tag “blondie” as her YouTube alias. Super and blond are the signatures of National Socialism. You know what the modern far right are like they rebrand themselves, wear smart clothing, look presentable and act normal. Like the Daily Mail. In this video, she is also driving a BMW. National Socialists love expensive premium luxury rubbish BMWs.

But we needn’t worry Supercar Blondie is not into National Socialism and she is not a white supremacist. She lives in Dubai for a start. She’s just a good ol’ gal havin’ a fun ol’ time driving supercars.

What are we doing here? creating conspiracy theories for the purposes of click-bait and monetization. This is not the purpose of the internet. We should have closed down years ago.

Top quality car blog.

Supercar Blondie
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