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Why Did Volksvagen Decide To Make The T Roc Cabriolet?
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The VW T Roc Cabriolet is “da” house. We here at DCB HQ have never been fans of the convertible. From a technical perspective, you lose a lot of structural integrity. Think about, you would never consider taking the roof off your house to experience the British wind, rain, hail, snowstorm, more rain, cold miserable weather in your hair or face. So why take the roof off a car, any car? Secondly, cabriolets drive like jelly. Of course, the car manufacturer will claim the structural integrity is 100 percent better than a comparative vehicle.

But there are few SUV convertibles on the market. The Range Rover Evoque Convertible was one of the few. But we’re not sure how well that car has performed in the sales chart. With the release of the new Evoque, the Evoque convertible isn’t offered anymore. The latter means the Evoque Convertible didn’t sell well at all. And don’t expect to see a new generation replacement.

And the whole point of an SUV, be it compact or mids-sized etc, is for the practicality. A convertible SUV has to contend with the folding roof mechanism and space for the folded hood. That will mean a practical SUV in cabriolet form is no longer practical.

But we’re being biased because we dislike convertibles. As for the VW T Roc Convertible, it will be revealed next month at the Frankfurt Motorshow and launch in Q2 2020. Expect to find exactly the same trim and engine offerings and options as the current T Roc.

And also expect a First Edition model. Pricing will come at a slight premium. Well, probably about a 4 percent mark-up over the hardtop version. Would we buy one?… what do you think our answer is? So why does the T Roc exist? Money.

VW T Roc Convertible dailycarblog.com
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