Best Family cars
3 of The Best Family Cars On The Market Now

Buying a good family car is like finding a good vacuum cleaner. It needs to cope with all of the demands of your family and deliver a performance that isn’t going to fail on you when you need it most. Finding the best family cars can be an extremely difficult decision, with several elements to consider. While it needs to be roomy, safe and stylish, many modern families’ concerns about the environment mean it also needs to be eco-friendly too. 

Fortunately, there are some great family cars on the market to choose from. Take a look at three of the best to help you find your next family car.

Best for reputation: VW Golf

Last year’s Auto Express’ Family Compact Car of the Year remains a popular favourite for families. It looks good, it’s roomy and it has a lot of clever storage solutions. The price varies from £22,080 upwards for the Golf S, so it’s a little on the higher end of the budget. Nevertheless, it’s a great car that will easily fit into family life.

Best for style: Audi A3 Sportback

Best lease car 2019 Audi A3 Sportback

The Audi A3 has come along a long way since the 2016 version, adding in even more great features to this sleek, attractive car. Ideal for the family that likes to travel in style, you’ll certainly turn heads when you venture out in this sleek car. It’s a popular, spacious car that parents will love to drive and kids will like to travel in, with plenty of room for the family dog too. Prices start at £22,500, a tag that many will consider worth it for fine engineering and a reliable vehicle. 

Best for price: The Ford Focus

One of the UK’s best-selling cars, the Ford Focus is always a popular choice for families. Reliable, consistent with a great design, it certainly is a crowd-pleaser. Beginning at £18,340, it’s the cheapest of the three, with some cheaper deals likely in the used car market. It also benefits from new fuel-saving technology, so it could be a wiser car choice for the environmentally and budget-conscious family.

Other considerations

While the make and model of your car can be an important factor in what you choose, cost and practicality are also among the things you should consider. Leasing a car can be a much more affordable option for families in the short-term, helping you to plan a budget. You should also look at used cars from Wavertree Car Centre to help you find an affordable used family car. Whatever you decide to do, don’t take the decision lightly – you’ll face a long financial commitment if things don’t turn out as you’d expect.

Buying a new car for the family is a fun and exciting time, helping you build memories as you enjoy some adventures together. Consider all of the options that are available to you and choose the best car for your family.

Best Family cars
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