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The Pure Electric ID3 Is Volkswagen’s Apology Tour, After Dieselgate Why Should You Trust Them?
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It seems a lot of people still trust in the Volkswagen brand. One would so imagine that after deceiving emissions regulators by simply lying about the levels of C02 being emitted by their range of diesel and petrol cars VW would suffer a dramatic sales decline. Not so, sales of VW cars have actually increased not decreased. We will never know how many people died as a result of pollution caused by VW diesel cars. But VW was fined billions, it’s executives prosecuted and one or two jailed. Such was VW’s transgression that governments across the world decided to implement a ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol-powered cars with a shift to pure electric. The VW ID3 is the result of these new far-reaching changes and many more electric vehicles will begin to emerge. In the UK the banning of new diesel and petrol cars will not be implemented until 2040.

VW’s recklessness would have obliterated any other company. But VW has deep pockets, and it appears most people are not too bothered because VW sales remain strong. The brand image remains strong. But VW is, in some ways, leading the way in pushing for an all-electric future. Is it redemption or is VW jumping on the all-electric bandwagon? The reality is governments across the world are forcing their hands. After all, VW invested heavily in diesel powertrains and ironically sold a “clean diesel” dream to the American market.

That’s where the all-electric VW ID3 enters the post dieselgate era. VW is saying the right thing to the right audience. The ID3 is sustainable mobility, the first carbon-neutral model in it’s the range of electric cars. The e-Golf is a half measured electric car, in our review we said it drives “like a corpse”. But should we or rather should you trust what VW is saying?

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Remember in the old days the saying was if you tell a lie often enough, eventually, people start believing it. This is the modus operandi of PR and marketing. Tell a lie often enough and people start believing it. So, after dieselgate why should we believe whatever VW says now?

Let’s make a simple comparison, more people trust VW than they trust the Daily Car Blog. But the VW ID3 is an electric vehicle and one imagines VW doesn’t have to spin any lies at all. Well maybe for the range, manufactures tend to “overstate” the range in fossil fuel cars so we expect they will do the same for electric cars.

And we’re not too sure about the clean and sustainability stuff either. Electric cars use precious metals, the mining alone causes disruption, devastates the local ecology and the miners are often paid poverty wages. Doesn’t sound sustainable, clean or fair to us.

Volkswagon Pivots From Dieselgate Into A Clean Sustainable Brand

The VW ID3 will be available with three battery size options. The entry-level 45 kWh model provides a claimed range of up to 330 kilometres and starts at €30,000. The 58 kW variant enables the ID.3 to achieve a range of up to 420 km and the 77 kWh model variant has a claimed electric range of up to 550 kilometres.

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Thanks to its fast charging capability, it is possible to charge the ID.3 sufficiently for a range of around 290 kilometres (WLTP) within 30 minutes, using a charging output of 100 kW. Volkswagen started pre-booking for ID.3 1st – the limited launch edition – in May of this year and is priced under €40,000.

The first edition – the ID.3 1st – has a 58 kWh battery which is driven by an electric motor at the rear axle. It generates 150 kW and delivers a maximum torque of 310-newton meters, facilitating a maximum speed of 160 km/h for this 5-door vehicle.

The ID3 isn’t an apology for dieselgate, it is VW being pragmatic and admitting its mistakes without saying so. Its pride after the temporary fall. And over the years people, new car buyers, will forget about dieselgate because they have already moved on. From now on VW is a sustainable clean energy brand. Dieselgate?

VW ID3 dailycarblog.com
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