CarAdvice-4x4 group test,
G’day Mate, CarAdvice Reviews The Big And Small 4x4s

CarAdvice didn’t get the memo. Somewhat weirdly the Suzuki Jimny is pitted against the 2019 Jeep Wrangler and a Toyota Land Cruiser from the 1980s. Modern cars are way much better and in the future, future modern cars will be way much better than new cars today. So we expect the Land Cruiser to fail even against the mighty little Suzuki Jimny

Australians love their “Utes” and beer as much as the British love taking cocaine as a daily stimulant. But is the CarAdvice tri-review as stimulating? In reality, most people who buy 4x4s will never go off-road.

These days the only off-roading 4x4s do is during a music festival or Polo match. Or when thieves steal a 4×4 in an attempt to evade a chasing police vehicle.

CarAdvice-4x4 group test,
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