Copen GR Roadster
Tiny Toyota Copen GR Is The Cutest Roadster You Can’t Buy
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You can not buy the Daihatsu based Toyota GR Copen Roadster because it is only for sale in Japan. The Japanese love their cute and quirky little cars and the Toyota Copen GR follows in a long line of cute and quirky, Japan only, microcars. The Copen GR will go on sale on November 9 and will sport a folding hard-top roof mechanism. And no… you can not buy it anywhere else other than Japan.

Copen GR Roadster interior

Power is derived from an equally tiny 600cc turbocharged engine. That power, whatever it amounts to, is diverted to the front wheels. Whatever power is remaining will be channeled through either a 5- speed manual or 7-speed CVT transmission.

The Copen GR Roadster is essentially a manufacturer spec (OEM) modification. Toyota has fitted a front-brace over the engine to increase body rigidity. The suspension is upgraded, the spring rates are retuned and bespoke shock absorbers have been fitted.

Copen GR Roadster RQ

You (the Japanese consumer) can also option various body kits/parts to give the Copen GR a more BBS aggressive stance. And you also have the usual interior upgrade options, leather seats/more powerful sound system etc.

The Copen GR will retail in Japan for 2,380,000 YEN, that’s around £17k GBP (Great Brexit Pounds) in the UK. And no… you can not buy it in the UK, or America or France, etc.

Copen GR Roadster
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