2024 Audi eTron GT updates - Master Stance
Boastful Audi Resolutely Claims The Upgraded eTron GT Is A “Masterpiece”
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It’s not typical for Audi to praise itself effusively or claim a product as a “masterpiece,” metaphorically speaking. However, that’s precisely what Audi did in its latest press release for the “new” Audi eTron GT. Normally we quickly skim-read press releases because we often see them as corporate propaganda. By labelling their latest creation a “masterpiece”, Audi unintentionally acknowledges past attempts fell short.

But I could critique and speculate endlessly about the credibility of press releases. In this case, what’s touted as “new” is more accurately described as a heavily revised engineering upgrade, with a few minor material and design tweaks to both the interior and exterior styling.

2024 Audi eTron GT updates - Side Stance

The Audi eTron GT shares its powertrain and platform with the recently updated Porsche Taycan, benefiting from identical improvements such as enhanced efficiency, charging capabilities, and extended range.

While most media outlets focus on eye-catching performance figures, improvements in efficiency and range, though less headline-grabbing, are crucial aspects of Audi’s current lineup of electric vehicles.

2024 Audi eTron GT updates - Interior

The eTron GT is now offered in three trim levels: the S e-tron GT, Audi RS e-tron GT, and Audi RS e-tron GT Performance. The base S eTron GT boasts an increased power output of 679 bhp, while the RS eTron GT now delivers 856 bhp.

2024 Audi eTron GT updates - Rear Stance

However, the addition of the RS eTron Performance, equipped with a twin-motor setup, elevates power to 925 bhp, making it Audi’s most powerful vehicle to date. The performance figures are electric car levels of staggering, with a 0-60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds.

2024 Audi eTron GT updates - Final Stance

Yet, the less flashy but more significant improvements in range, battery management, and efficiency make the eTron GT compelling. It can now comfortably cover over 356 miles on a single charge. Other enhancements include revised suspension for enhanced comfort and ride quality.

Interior trim and equipment levels remain largely unchanged from before. Standard equipment is substantial for a vehicle starting at £106,000, rising to £125,000 for the S model and £136,000 for the flagship GT Performance.

2024 Audi eTron GT updates - Master Stance
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