Porsche 911 Hybrid - Engineering Explained
The New Porsche 911 Hybrid Engine Is Master Engineering at Its Finest

Porsche has introduced a new 3.6-litre hybrid engine, replacing the twin-turbo setup with a single electric turbo and incorporating an electric motor in the gearbox along with a small battery pack. These changes aim to enhance everyday performance compared to the outgoing twin-turbo model.

The Engineering Explained YouTube channel discusses the impressive qualities of the new Porsche 911 hybrid engine. However, it also highlights how complex internal combustion engines (ICE) have become in the current era, where the law of diminishing returns applies.

In contrast, electric powertrains are significantly simpler and superior in many aspects, with the main drawbacks being the limitations of current battery technologies and the charging network.

While implementing a charging infrastructure isn’t inherently difficult, it has generally been poorly executed, with Tesla being a notable exception.

Porsche 911 Hybrid - Engineering Explained
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