Carwow's mat Watson overdose
Carwow’s Mat Watson Hospitalised After Overdosing On Pure Ecstacy… of Loan Cars

No. Carwow’s Mat Watson has not been hospitalised our legal advisor told us to mention so at the beginning of this particular post. But he is showing signs of euphoria, an adrenalin rush and ecstasy as in the dictionary translation,“an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement”. We said we would stop the constant trolling of Mat Watson, but highly respected media outlets such as The Sun and Daily Mail do trolling of whomever, whenever. So its a simple case of monkey see monkey do. Which is like saying “I was only following orders”.

We, The Daily Car Blog, just want to be respected, instead, being seen as just another Terry Malloy On The Waterfront “bum”. Anyway, we’re good buddies with the folks over at Carwow… kind of… AHEM! There may well be a bit of fake news in the latter statement, but highly respected media outlets such as The Sun and Daily Mail do fake news. It’s yet another example of the herd following the crowd. Or the Spanish Bull Run is a better example of what modern journalism is.

Anyway… we’re not actually talking about the cars here. Carwow’s Mat Watson gives the low down on which is the best compact-executive saloon car of the moment. The roll call of test cars is the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class and Volvo S60. And guess which vehicle comes out on top?… sigh… deep, deep, deep sigh…

Carwow's mat Watson overdose
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