Nissan juke
Nissan Invites You To See The New Juke, Our Advice Is To Run For The Hills And Never Look Back
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The thing about Nissan vehicles, in general, is the doors. Bear with me on this. When you open and then close shut the door of a Nissan, any Nissan, the response you are met with is somewhat of a “tinny” sound. As though you are shutting a tin can, and that alone is enough to put me off from buying a Nissan, any Nissan.

Nissan is known to use thinner gauge steel in their car production whereas the Germans use a thicker grade. Thinner gauge steel reduces production costs. And that makes a difference in “door shutting quality”, that generous thud, a German car door “thud” is superior. I know it’s a stupid thing to lead on, but to me, it makes a big damn difference.

If I owned a tinny Nissan it would grate with me for the entire ownership experience. I would be sodding miserable for sure. That said I simply wouldn’t consider owning a Nissan. Maybe a GTR. Maybe not. So when Nissan announced it is inviting potential customers to see the new Juke we sensed a trap.

The Nissan Juke starts from £17k in the dis-United Kingdom and it has the typical array of higher spec (show me the money) model trims, etc. Our professional advice is… do not accept this invitation, avoid, run for the hills and never, ever look back at a Nissan Dealership.

Nissan juke
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