BMW Mini John Copper Works GP,
BMW Mini John Cooper Works GP… Rather Have That Tesla Cybertruck Thanks
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The new 2020 BMW John Cooper Works GP is the fastest Mini you can buy… as of 2020. Apparently, only 3000 of the special edition models will be sold worldwide. So what do you get for your £34,000 of Great Brexit Pounds ($45,000)? You get a BMW sourced 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder twin-turbo engine that packs 301 bhp (306 PS) and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque. The 0-62mph time of 5.2 seconds allows an unrestricted top speed of 165mph courtesy of an 8-speed auto.

BMW Mini John Copper Works GP,

It’s front-wheel-drive only but you do get a differential lock that makes everything handle that little bit sweeter. You also get a bells-and-whistles body kit that features integrated side fins at the front and rear fenders. Quite a cool look and one assumes it has an aerodynamic benefit.

Inside is a tarted-up interior, that you would expect to find in a top spec trim model. You get Alcantara trimmed seats and floor mats with the “GP” logo emblazoned on them. The back seats have been removed and a roll cage has been inserted to give the interior that track day purpose. 

BMW Mini John Copper Works GP, SV,

And of course, you get a lot of standard equipment as you would expect when paying £34k for a tiny car with a fast engine. Does that mean the BMW Mini John Cooper Works is a Mini Porsche GT3? errmmm… not quite. Nothing gets close to a GT3.

BMW Mini John Copper Works GP, interior

But seriously, I would buy the Tesla Cybertruck over this BMW Mini, especially if you live in ‘Merica. $45k for a fast little Mini or a fast big, next-generation electric Pickup truck? Next to the Tesla Cybertruck the fast BMW Mini doesn’t make any sense at all.

BMW Mini John Copper Works GP,
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