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Legendary F1 Driver Emerson Fittipaldi Says Hamilton Is Not The Best
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After saying Lewis Hamilton is not the best F1 driver, despite claiming 6 titles, we ask is Emerson Fittipaldi racist? Yes, he is Emerson Fittipaldi is a racist. Not overtly but covertly and he revealed this aspect of his personality during a recent interview. Asked if Lewis Hamilton is the best F1 driver Fittipaldi shrugged off Hamilton’s sporting achievements, then went on to praise Vettel, Verstappen, and Leclerc as being the better, faster all-around drivers. Fittipaldi sees Hamilton as a mascot, his charisma, and social media presence is what draws people into the sport

“He is in the top league, don’t know if he is the best, but he is a very important ambassador of this sport,” he told Italy’s Gazzetta Dello Sport.

What more does Lewis Hamilton have to do to earn recognition from some of his peers? The answer is he can not do enough. Fittipaldi doubled down on his belief that Hamilton is simply a Formula 1 caricature.

“Lewis is a character that can bring in more fans, even those not interested in F1 to this sport. An example? My daughter Vittoria is starting to follow F1 said ‘Dad I want to take a picture with Hamilton’.

Fittipaldi’s tone towards Hamilton sounds dismissive and is typical of a Latin American colonialist attitude that still exists in South American countries, specifically among the white populous.

Fittipaldi’s lack of recognition towards Hamilton is directly the result of centuries-old colonialist thinking and attitudes towards people of colour that exists to this day.

We here at DCB HQ do not support any-one driver, but we do recognise Hamilton as being one of the greatest, probably the best ever. He has won races often not in the best car.

Hamilton’s on-track wheel-to-wheel racing is exemplary, his conduct gentlemanly. Although the recent Brazilian Grand Prix proves he can also get it wrong… from time to time.

With 83 victories and 6 championships despite winning against the might of Ferrari which had a better overall package for the previous two seasons. What more does Hamilton have to do?

Emerson Fittipaldi, dailycarblog.com
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