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Tesla Cyber Truck Is A Far Fetched Look Into The Now
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This is the all-new Tesla Cybertruck, much anticipated, much concept rendered, much talked about and now finally revealed for all to see. And it is certainly a talking point. The Tesla Cybertruck is the punk rock of pickup trucks… at least in appearance. It’s nothing like we have seen before although social media is drawing comparisons with the Back To The Future DeLorean. At first, like many, we thought the Cybertruck represented the biggest prank of 2019, but it is for real.

It’s similar in size to a Ford F15- Pickup but the similarities end there. Adaptive air suspension is standard on all models, Tesla’s state of the art AutoPilot is also standard. The Tesla Cybertruck is made from thick “ultra-hard” stainless steel and is powered by, of course, electric motors available in three states of performance/model trims. Entry-level Cybertrucks be powered by a single motor RWD system with a stated range of 250 miles.

Mid-level spec Cybertrucks will be powered by a Dual Motor that will offer 300 miles of range. The top spec model that was revealed by Elon Musk uses a Tri Motor AWD system cable of delivering 500 miles of range, 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds and maxing out at 130mph.

The entry-level models will start at $39,000, mid-level will cost $49,000 and the top-spec will rise to $69,000. 

Tesla Cybertruck, interior, dailycarblog.com

The interior is classic Tesla minimalism. The display model showed off an unfinished stainless steel body, perhaps referencing the Delorean. Prior to launch, Musk said that the Cybertruck will be like something you have never seen before. And he was certainly correct in every regard.

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For a vehicle that looks so whacked out on jungle juice, once you adjust your vision it looks cool. In a weird, icon-in-the-making-kind-of-way. What isn’t weird is the more traditional way you can get behind the wheel of a Cybertruck. And that’s good old fashion payment schedules.

Tesla is accepting $100 deposits that are fully refundable. The Cybertruck is aiming to be fully production-ready by 2021. We’ll be putting down a deposit, just to say we’ve ordered a Tesla Cybertruck and quickly ask for a refund.

Tesla Cybertruck, dailycarblog.com
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