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What’s the Best Truck Cover Material?

When you’re in the market for new truck cover or front end covers car bras, the material is one of the most important factors in your buying decision. Happily, for you and your budget, there are many “best materials.” Whether you’re looking for winter, summer, indoors or outdoors covers, today’s manufacturers have you and your needs covered. Here’s a closer look at some of the options available to you.


When you’re looking for the softest possible cover to protect your classic or new truck, the Dustop soft-as-flannel option may be for you. Recommended for indoor use and ideal for extended periods of storage, the Dustop’s proprietary material achieves polypropylene’s durability and polyethylene’s softness. With its protective middle layer that blocks out four times more dust than competitive woven flannels, the Dustop’s a winner when you seek superior softness and superior dust protection in truck and truck cab covers.


Beloved by sailors for its great strength and sun- and fade-resistance, Sunbrella offers protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you plan on storing your vehicle outdoors in intense sun, Sunbrella’s your go-to material for truck covers and front end covers car bras. Its acrylic fibers are solution-dyed, producing saturated color finishes such as Pacific Blue and Cadet Grey. Sunbrella’s care and cleaning is a cinch: Wash your cover with an all-purpose cleaner by hand or in a commercial or home washer, depending on the cover’s size. Sunbrella is also popular with trailer and RV owners who store their rigs outside for extended periods.


While Dustop and Sunbrella work well for vehicles stored indoors and outdoors, Supremeweave offers you a solution for both environments. Constructed of a durable woven material that features Hydromax, a breathable, water-repellent finish, Supremeweave is suitable for outdoor vehicle storage. It’s as effective for indoor storage, thanks to its soft lining that nurtures and protects your truck’s finish. One of Supremeweave’s great selling points is that it’s machine washable – a real bonus for vehicle owners who seek easy-care outdoor custom car covers and products.


Featuring a four-layer fabric construction, Stormweave’s the material to go with when you want to store your truck outside and protect it from the elements and environmental pollutants. Its two short-fiber center layers repel water while still allowing air to circulate. The result is a breathable cushioned cover with a 180 Ultraviolet Protection Factor that protects your truck’s exterior and interior. If desired, you can use it for indoor storage since it’s also a great dust-proof option for truck covers or front end covers car bras.

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As you can see, the best truck cover material depends on your vehicle and the conditions in which you want to store it. Are you ready to invest in the cover that’s right for your truck? Browse automotive retailers’ websites today. In addition to allowing you to select your vehicle’s make, model and year, most retailers provide product reviews, care and cleaning tips, and warranty information to help you make your purchasing decision. Many retailers also stock must-have exterior, interior and cleaning accessories.

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