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Mat Watson Attempts To Whistle Dixie During Audi RS6 Review

Our continued attempts to troll Mat Watson and Carwow has reached ever new lows. Assisted by an ever disapproving legal department we have been forced to find new, less aggressive more friendly ways of trolling. We call it good-hearted trolling with a smile. However, to “Whistle Dixie” during an important auto review is never advisable.

The confederate era song refers to Texas and was a staple marching song for total loser General Lee’s ragtag army during the American civil war. As with all Confederate-era songs it has a double meaning despite the friendly-sounding upbeat tempo and lyrics.

Our lawyer has instructed us to point out that Mat Watson and Carwow are not Confederates and never have been. Carwow is an inclusive organisation, and Mat Watson did not attempt to whistle dixie during his review of the Audi RS6.

We made the whole”whistling dixie” thing up because it’s a slow news day and Google search algorithms approve of fake news articles… this is news?

Whistling Dixie Carwow dailycarblog.com
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