BMW F30 OEM Digital Cluster -
Replacing Your BMW F30 Factory Cluster With A OEM Digital Display

It’s time to upgrade your BMW F30. We are 19 years into the 21st century so that means we’re 981 years away from seeing in the 22nd century. In astrophysical timescales, 981 years is the equivalent to a nanosecond. So we don’t have long to go and that means we must prepare to adapt to whatever new-fangled technology is being used in the 22nd Century.

Therefore, you ought to consider upgrading your car. If you are an owner of a premium luxury rubbish BMW F30, F32, etc then you should be ashamed for retaining the old analog instrument cluster. People in the 22nd Century will be repulsed by the idea of an “analog cluster”. Prepare for the coming 22nd Century by replacing it with an OEM digital cluster.

However, the OEM 6WB Digital Cluster will set you back a cool $1,699.00 USD. So if you have the spare cash to splash on the upgrade then go ahead, whatever makes you happy. Personally, I would invest the $1,699 triple it, and then reinvest it again etc.

I know of this investment portfolio company they have fantastic offices in Ireland – according to the brochure – and are headquartered in Nigeria. The man on the unsolicited email and subsequent phone conversation sounded ever so professional.

So go ahead you waste your money with the Bimmertech and I will invest my hard-earned money very wisely indeed.

BMW F30 OEM Digital Cluster -
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