Autogefuhl Cabaret Singer
Autogefhul Begins New Career As Open Air Cabaret Singer, In Full Screen And Full HD

Car reviewer and part-time Cabaret singer Autogefuhl is reviewing the Mercedes EQE, a pure electric compact SUV. The EQE is powered by a 90kWh battery pack and is available in two derivates denoted by the number of electric motors, single and dual set-up.

The EQE SUV on test is powered by a dual motor 516bhp/633Nm torque dual motor powertrain. The driving range is rated at 340 miles, in lab conditions. In real-world conditions expect the EQE SUV to manage around 280 miles.

Autogefhul gives his usual precise but laconic review, his mission is to answer the question all of humanity wants to know, is the EQE SUV the best EV on the market? We’re more interested in Autogefhul’s latest side hustle, a burgeoning career as a cabaret singer.

Autogefuhl Cabaret Singer
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