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To say a Vespa is only a scooter would be doing it great injustice. A Vespa is not only a scooter but is also an element that is built around seventy years of history in its making. Where it first originated and was presented to the public 73 years ago, back in 1946 in a small city called ‘Golf Club’ in Rome. When the company filed a patent for the design of the scooter, the application documents referred to a “model of a practical nature“. It went on to say that the design of these scooters, had its parts in all the right places and they made sense and worked perfectly fine.

They further added that the Vespa scooter is comfortable and provided the rider with protection from mud and if it does get dirty it does not spoil its appearance. The company’s patent was approved by them, the following December.

This development was an immediate success and gained widespread media attention as well as public interest, amazement and even some uncertainty. According to other sources, small dealers managed the sales of the Vespa and at the time, they estimated between 55,000 and 66,000 lire (the currency of Italy).

Vespa the Wasp

Almost every year after that, till about the year 2017, these award-winning Vespa Scooters came out with a newer and different model but the shape always stayed the same, the reason behind its name. The name ‘Vespa’ originated from the Italian word for ‘wasp’, because of how it looks from a birds-eye view – like a wasp. And many dealers started to stock their stores with a few of every kind for everyone and to date they are possibly the most famous type of scooters out there. Its global marketing being in Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific.

Production has been branched outside Italy to existing manufacturers in various countries such as, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Spain, and the Soviet Union.

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The first 13 examples appeared in the spring of 1946 and comprised of an aeronautical element using aircraft technology echoing aerodynamics. There have been many versions of Vespa since then including:

  • 1946 Vespa 98
  • 1947 Vespa 98 CORSA CIRCUITO
  • Vespa 98 II SERIE
  • 1949 Vespa 125 Corsa ‘Alloy Frame’
  • Vespa 125
  • Vespa Circuito 125
  • 1950 Vespa Montlhery
  • 1951 Vespa Siluro (Torpedo)
  • Vespa 125 ‘six days’
  • 1953 Vespa 125 U
  • 1955 Vespa 150 Side-Car
  • Vespa 150 GS
  • 1956 Vespa 150
  • Vespa 150 T.A.P
  • 1957 Vespa 400 – Which was a four-wheel success. 30,000 units were produced.
  • 1958 Vespa 125 (VNA2)

And a lot more.

Its most recent model is an electric scooter with a 2kw battery and a range of 100kms, to top this, there is also a Hybrid version in the mix with a range of 200km.

To get an extensive list of the history of Vespa and its stories visit this link:

What’s the upside?

Less than a handful of scooters have been successful in history, but Vespa always comes on top and one must ask why?

Vespa - Roman - -Holiday -

When it first came out, it was a mode of transport, but as the years went by, with its chick looks and magnetic colours, it has become a trend too. It’s a stylish brand, not to mention it has excellent performance and they have different options for women and men, in both looks and comfort. An important element of the scooter is its inclusion of front and back breaks, which provides a touch of that additional safety feature.

The specifications boast not only excellence in performance but also a lightweight body, a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that holds a powerful ride for its owner. Not forgetting the option of an electronic injection for when times call for an emergency powered by a self-start switch but also has a manual kick as a back-up, in case its needed.

If one had to compare with its predecessors, in terms of performance and power, the Piaggio Vespa LX 125 wins, hands down.  Check out it here.

To own a Vespa is to own a piece of history and there’s one for everyone.

Vesp - Roman Holiday -
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