Aston MArtin V12 Speedster -
Aston Martin V12 Speedster Is Coming To A Dealership Near You
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Aston Martin is in a world of economic strife at the moment, mostly of its own making. I mean when the company board rewards itself with a near $100 million USD pay package for simply being the company board and then declaring a profit warning you have asked how the company is being managed at the moment.

But for the moment Aston Martin is looking to spend its way out of trouble, by borrowing more money. That money will allow the continuation of new products, a new series of special edition models. One such special edition model is the V12 Speedster. It’s typically Aston Martin and dominated – as the name suggests – by a big ol’ burley 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12. Aston Martin has revealed a teaser of the yet to be revealed a limited edition model.

In the auto industry, a speedster often denotes a unique, limited production, fast car with no roof. Or what car people like to call, an open split cockpit with cutaway doors and twin rear buttresses. Indeed Aston Martin says the V12 Speedster harks back to the good-old-days of the beautiful 1950s DBR1.

Aston MArtin CC100 -2013 Concept

And the V12 Speedster will mix the essence of the DBR1 with the design language of CC100 Speedster concept car from 2013. Only 88 Aston Martin V12 Speedsters will ever be made. The car is based on the DB11 chassis and the rumored asking price is expected to be around £800,000 GBP.

Aston MArtin V12 Speedster -
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