Tips for Winterizing Your Car to Face Boulder Weather

Boulder County in Colorado is a high desert with a mild climate and cold winters. The temperatures dip to lower levels even in the summers. At the same time, December and January are frigid, with an average daytime temperature of 22 degrees. Though the city is rarely buried in snow, it is essential to prepare your ride for blizzards during the winter.

Find an auto repair shop in Boulder CO that can winterize your car for the season ahead. Here are a few things they do to keep your vehicle in the best shape:

Checking the Battery

During the cold season, the battery of your car may slow down as the temperature drops. In January, when Boulder’s temperature goes down to the level of 5 degrees Fahrenheit or below, the amp-hour capacity of fully charged batteries may also drop to the half.

Also, the battery requires more current to start the car in the winter season. Hence, it’s vital to check the battery and visit an auto repair shop for a battery load test. This helps to determine the battery health and to see if it needs replacement.

Checking the Tire Pressure

Boulder Colorado - Winter Driving -

The seasonal preventive maintenance is incomplete unless you check the tire pressure. That’s important because your tires change with the weather. Cold weather results in low air pressure due to which the pressure in your tires may drop about one psi for every 10-degree drop in average temperature.

Before hitting the roads, ensure that there’s proper pressure in the tires, no matter if you roll on all-season tires or rotate between winter and summer tires. Also, make sure they have adequate tread to offer better traction on the winter roads.

Ensuring Oil Change

In Boulder’s cold winters, the oil in your car gets thicker and is unable to circulate in the engine. Due to this, the engine isn’t properly lubricated, and you may have difficulties to start it up on chilling winter mornings. Therefore, take your car to an auto repair shop in Boulder, CO, before the winters hit hard in December. Get the viscosity of oil checked and make sure it meets the recommended levels.

If you drive your car on snow-laden roads of Boulder, the oil may also get additional buildup or debris, making it sticky and clumpy. Even before the onset of winters, create a service plan to take your car for an oil change every 10,000 miles.

Inspecting the Brakes

The braking efficiency of your car falls a bit on snow and ice. Hence, it is crucial to get a proper brake inspection before the cold starts. The repair specialists in Boulder check the components like rotor, caliper, pads, and drum to ensure that they work properly throughout the season. Consider the replacement of brake pads for a clean stop on the slick roads in winter.

Boulder Colorado - Winter Driving - Bad Brakes -

Checking the Hoses and Belts

The belts and hoses in the engine may wear with time. So, get them replaced or repaired before winter hits your city. Remember, the cold temperature makes them weak, and belts may snap or pop-off while driving.

Ensure these preliminary checks on your car to prevent getting stranded on the road during a raging snowstorm or cold winter days.

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