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What Motorists Can Do To Make The Road Safer for Motorcyclists

Did you know road accident statistics released by the UK government suggests that motorcyclists are 62 times more likely to suffer a fatal accident than a motorist? The fact is, road users who drive two-wheeled vehicles have less protection and are more likely to suffer serious injuries or fatality should they be involved in a collision. But motorists have a part to play in reducing the chances of an accident occurring.

Motorbike Accident Claims have provided some of the best steps motorists can take to avoid an accident with a motorcyclist or cyclist.

Prevention Measures for Motorists

One of the first things you’re taught when learning to drive is the importance of checking mirrors and blind spots. However, once they’ve passed their test, many drivers become lax in ensuring this is part of their regular routine. It can be easy to fall into the false sense of security of believing that you are completely aware of everything that’s around you. Checking your blind spot and mirrors is always important but especially so when concerning motorcyclists and cyclists. They are more difficult to see and can appear and disappear in an instant. It’s imperative to regularly check the blind spot and mirrors when driving and always when setting off, changing lane or turning. At junctions, you should take extra care and only leave when you are sure there are no other vehicles present.

Make sure that you leave a greater distance between yourself and the motorcyclist and be prepared for any unexpected scenario such as sudden braking or turning. A small collision from behind will likely result in minor damage for cars, however, motorcyclists can sustain serious injuries should the same type of accident cause them to fall off their motorbike.

Brush up on your knowledge by reading the Highway Code to know what is of expected of you. There are several clearly defined rules that define the best legal procedures of navigating the hazards of motorcyclists and cyclists using the road. It’s wise to not only know what is expected of you but of the other road user.

It’s important to signal your intentions clearly when driving. If you wish to overtake, turn into a junction or switch lanes, the simple task of indicating can let the motorcyclist and cyclist know in advance. You should also only use lights that are suitable for the current conditions. Failure to do so can dazzle another road user, especially if they don’t have the luxury of anti-glare protection.

Whatever you do, avoid becoming frustrated and angry. There have been several reports of road rage incidents involving motorists and motorcyclists/cyclists. As long as they are following the rules, they have as much right to use the roads as you. Anger can cause you to lose control and potentially lead to reckless driving and a possible accident.

Motorists - Safer Roads - Motorcyclists -
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