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What Should You Look For When Purchasing a Used Cherry Picker?

As the name suggests, a cherry picker is often viewed as a robust machine that was used to pick cherries from trees. However, with time cherry pickers became very popular not only in the agricultural sector but also in the building, construction, remodeling and also in maintenance and repair projects. In the market today, you will find several types of cherry pickers. They include, truck boon mounted cherry pickers, chassis-mounted, van mounted, telescopic booms and trailer mounted lifts. Because of their versatility and maneuverability, they can be used to manage numerous jobs that require lateral and vertical movements across town including on very narrow streets. 

If you constantly work on aerial platforms and you use a ladder to get to the top, it’s time you considered a more efficient and safe solution such as a cherry picker. However, cherry pickers can be expensive. This is why you need to visit cumberland platforms and get yourself a high quality and affordable used cherry picker. 

When buying a used cherry picker, what are some of the things you need to consider? Here are four things to keep in mind before making your purchase. 

1. Check the VIN Number First

When buying a used cherry picker truck, it is very important to check the vehicle identification number (VIN) first. You will find this particular number stamped on the truck’s chassis and it should also match the one on the vehicle registration documents. Be sure to obtain a VIN check report before driving away with your secondhand cherry picker truck. If you notice any irregularities on the vehicle history report, walk away as you may not be guaranteed that the vehicle is in perfect condition. 

2. Check the Basket and Boom Lift

The boom lift is the elevated work platform that allows the workers to reach high places. This part is very important and should be professionally inspected to ensure that the federal mandated safety qualifications are met before it is used. The hydraulic hoses and fittings should be checked for leaks. 

While doing this, check the tires as well for pressure. Operate the control panel when there is no one in the basket. You can do this when you are on the ground to see if all the functions of the boom lift are in good working order. 

3. Inspect the Exterior of the Vehicle for Damage

Cherry pickers, by the very nature of the job they perform, are potentially high-risk machines to own. When buying a used cherry picker it is very important for you to physically inspect the entire vehicle and identify any damages. Make a list of all your requirements so that you can be better prepared to make a smart decision. 

Ask for a maintenance history of the vehicle so that you can find out which part of the cherry picker has had regular tune-ups. You should also look for body damage such as rust, dents and paint cover-ups. Be sure to inspect the vehicle outdoors and during the day so that you do not miss anything. 

4. Check the Inside of the Vehicle 

Engine check is a very important part of your quality inspection. Start by looking for leaks or corrosion on the engine. You should also be on the lookout for any dark brown stains around the engine as this could indicate that there is a leak which could result in very expensive repairs in the future. Check the warning lights as well. Warning lights indicate that there is a fault in the inside of the vehicle that requires fixing.

Used Cherry Picker -
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