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How To Save Money: Don’t Buy A Dacia or Ever be Tempted By Their New Finance Deals
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Today is money-saving advice day here at DCB HQ. Being motoring journalists we are experts in being undervalued and overworked. With little money and not much hope for the future, we take a look at Dacia’s new finance deals to see if they offer true value for money. As you may have read, the banner headlines already indicate what our money saving tip will be. Just do not buy a Dacia. For the purposes of transparency, how did we arrive at our conclusion? By using logic and a huge amount of personal bias.

Being award-winning journalists and intellectuals we also read the headlines. So when Dacia announces “Dacia Reveals New Finance Offers”, that’s all we need to read and nothing more. Dacia’s are terrible vehicles, they feel as though they were just after the second world war when money and materials were scarce.

Dacia’s are legacy vehicles, revived by fugitive criminal mastermind and Nissan Renault boss Carlos Ghosn. Dacia has become a byword for waste. Both in terms of money and time. The only residual value these cars have is the amount of rust they accumulate after 2 years of ownership from new.

If your budget can’t stretch past a Dacia and you really need a vehicle then we advise you to invest your money in public transport. By switching to public transport you’ll reduce your CO2 footprint, be continuously late for work, increase the likely hood of getting spat upon or stabbed and catch the Coronavirus.

Top-quality public, money-saving information from DCB HQ. Its awards season baby! and with this highly informative post, we’re on the success train to winning yet another award we don’t need!

Dacia Finance Deals - Dailycarblog.com
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