Proper Cringe - Maisie Williams - Audi Ad - Let it Go -
New Audi ‘Let it Go’ Ad Is Proper Cringe It Is

For us here at DCB HQ Audi can do no wrong. However, there are times when they do get it wrong. Thankfully Audi getting it wrong is a rare occurrence. However this new ‘Let it Go’ Audi e-Tron advert is a little cringeworthy. The title song featured in this ad is borrowed from the animated blockbuster Frozen. Game of Thrones Actress Maisie Williams provides the proper cringe vocals.

Now it’s safe to say Audi is not interested in creating a new buying segment for young girls dressed as Elsa. Or boys for that matter. Gotta do the equality these days folks. Apparently, the song reflects Audi’s long term strategy of ‘letting go’… of the internal combustion engine era.

But the latter is debatable, Audi isn’t ‘letting go’ it is being forced to ‘let go’ by new environmental legislation. There is still a large section of the automotive media propping up the petrol and diesel engine era.

But in Europe at least, the petrol and diesel engine will come to an end in 20 years or so. For now, I am off for the rest of the day, and I will spend my free time watching Frozen 1 and 2 back-to-back, dressed as Elsa. Proper cringe that isn’t.

Proper Cringe - Maisie Williams - Audi Ad - Let it Go -
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