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Should You Choose an Infrared Deer Detector for a Car?

Every year, cars in the United States collide with nearly a million deer resulting in 27,000 injuries and more than $3.5 billion worth damages to properties, according to the US Department of Transportation. With IR or Infrared imaging technology, these collisions can be reduced to a great extent. It uses thermal imaging techniques to detect the presence of living objects within a specific distance from the vehicle.

Using an infrared deer detector for car can help to save many precious lives and properties. Here’s everything you ought to know about them.

How Does Infrared Imaging System Work?

The advanced driver assistance system in infrared deer detectors uses imaging and temperature reading technologies to detect and alert the driver about the living objects within the range of the device.

When a human or animal comes near the roadway, the system highlights it on the dashboard. When the danger is too near, it sounds the alarm and prepares the car to brake.

Apart from night vision, it also works in adverse weather conditions like fog when you can’t see the roads correctly. The system measures the heat generated by the living object using the HOG technique and outputs the image to the in-dash display.

Features Integrated Into Infrared Deer Detectors

The advanced night vision systems for deer detection come with sophisticated features and specifications to make automobiles safer. They can detect moving objects before a collision. IT sensors in these devices can read the heat signature within the range of 3000 ft from the headlight beam of your vehicle.

A high-definition thermal sensor with an output resolution up to 720X480p offers excellent clarity in night vision. You can use a high-end infrared deer detector for a car in any vehicle, including RVs, buses, and semi-trucks, as well. The thermal camera used in the system does not require visible night. Hence, it works effectively in darkness, foggy conditions, and dusty roads.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Deer Detectors

When it comes to the high-end and advanced night vision devices, artificial intelligence (AI) can make a lot of difference. It improves the defense mechanism of the device. Choose a custom AI system that can read infrared images, detect the dangers on the roads, and inform the driver using an audible alarm.

AI HAL - Artificial Intelligence -

The accuracy of the system depends on factors like detection time, system energy consumption, and detection accuracy. You need a system that offers a high detection rate with lesser energy consumption.

A study says that a double-stage AI-powered system can detect animals in nearly 85% of the cases. It will keep your road perception at the fullest. But, choose software that upgrades regularly to keep up with the changing dynamics and technologies.

Should You Buy an Infrared Deer Detector?

When you compare the costs and consequences of deer or human collisions due to poor visibility, you will find some alarming facts. The costs of repairs, personal injuries, disposal, towing, etc. are much higher than the price of a deer detector that costs below $2000. It makes your vehicle safer on the roads, and it is a long-lasting investment.

So, it is advisable to go for an infrared deer detector for your car.

Infrared Deer Detector -
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