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Top 10 Countries For Tesla CyberTruck Pre-Orders Revealed
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OK, OK, let’s take this data set with a pinch of salt. Data crowdsourced by more than 1,800 members of the Tesla enthusiast community has revealed the top 10 countries for Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders/reservations. Note, Tesla has not yet published official figures. So then. The United States of America has the largest Cybertruck pre-order base by far. Not surprising there because the Conoravirus Stimulus bill has handed trillions of taxpayer bailout money to an already wealthy club of companies and therefore individuals who don’t need it.

It means the richest individuals in America are getting richer even off the back of a Pandemic crisis. And that means only people with enough personal wealth will have the means to buy expensive electric vehicles. As usual, the wealthy will be the first in line to get a Tesla Cybertruck. But at least Trump’s Democratic-backed stimulus bill did give scraps to the rest of plebian America.

Maybe, just maybe one person on the receiving end of Trump’s Pandemic stimulus bill will have the entrepreneurial spirit to turn those scraps into millions of dollars. And that rise from the bottom to the top will enable this individual to place a pre-order… for a Tesla Cybertruck.

Top 10 Countries for Cybertruck Pre-Orders

1. United States (76.25%)
2. Canada (10.43%)
3. Australia (3.16%)
4. United Kingdom (1.39%)
5. Norway (1.11%)
6. Germany (1.05%)
7. Sweden (0.83%)
8. Netherlands (0.67%)
9. France (0.44%)
10. Iceland (0.44%)

Cybertruck press launch,
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