Important Yet Underrated Car Parts

Improving infrastructure, education, housing, and most importantly, job opportunities, have been some of the contributing factors for the surge of people in fast-growing cities like Austin. It is home to the best-tasting barbeques, as well as several nature tours such as Lake Austin and Mount Bonnell. The city boasts a population of more than 900,000. As the capital of the state of Texas, it would be expected to have its fair share of vehicle accidents. Add to this the state’s lack of personal income tax, and you can bet people would line up in droves to move to this city. People looking for better job opportunities would bring their families with them as well as their vehicles.

Coupled with this influx is the rise of motor vehicle crash accidents. In 2013 alone, more than 32,000 motor vehicle crash deaths in the US cost around $380 million in medical costs. Some significant risk factors include not using seat belts, driving while drunk, and speeding. Other risk factors include vehicular defects. For this reason, it is crucial to have your vehicle checked by some professionals in an auto repair shop in Austin TX. Some defects are major, while others are minor. Sometimes, even the minutest detail will have catastrophic effects. Here are some underrated car parts that you should look into.

Turn Signals

As the only predictor of which direction you would want your car to go to, turn signals are essential. Misreading turn signals may lead to an accident. When used properly, turn signals can deliver the right message between drivers. Switching on turn signals is just half of the procedure. Remembering to turn it off is equally important as well.

Oil Change

An oil change should be regular to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. When sludge builds, your engine will corrode. Over time, you may end up replacing your car earlier. More so, some parts of the car may become defective as the corrosion spreads. Depending on manufacturer instructions, the recommended oil change is between 3,000 to 10,000 miles.

Oil Change Girl

Windshield Wipers

Distraction is one of the major factors in vehicular accidents. May it be texting while driving or eating your breakfast while rolling, being distracted while you need to be alert and see everything is important. One of such distractions are things that collect in your windshield wipers. These may be in the form of snow, rain, dirt, pollen, leaves, or frost. If your windshield wipers are defective, you can have it checked at your nearest auto repair shop in Austin, TX.

Tire Pressure

Austin is famous for its hot summers. Sometimes, temperatures can spike up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit for days in a row. A high temperature can increase pressure leading to weak tires. Over time, these fragile and well-used tires can blow up due to high speed. Make sure to inflate your tires to prevent replacing it early on properly. Also, when tires are under-inflated, these can generate more heat.


Warning Lights

The reason why these lights are present is to warn you. Never ignore them. Low engine oil may cause major engine damage. When your car is overheating, you will see that your engine coolant light is on. A charging system warning light is usually attributed to a battery or alternator issue. Further, a tire pressure warning light means that the tires have low pressure.

While the major parts of the car need prompt attending to, most people overlook the minor problems in a car because they may not see it as something needing urgent attention. Sometimes even small defects in a vehicle may worsen the condition of the vehicle. In this situation, the little things matter.

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