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The Pros And Cons Of Electric Vehicles

Though there have been some huge advances in the technology behind electric vehicles, not everybody is ready to make the leap. As hyped as Electric Vehicles have been, the picture is not totally rosy. There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages. To know if an electric car is going to be right for you, you need to understand everything that you may be getting into.

Whether you are thinking about a new or used EV, then you should read on to see the pros and cons and decide for yourself if it is the right move.

Here are the pros

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should be thinking about getting an electric car.

1 – Technology is getting better

Electric car batteries are getting better with each passing year. This means that you can get better mileage off of every charge and lets you travel further before charging.

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There are also more places to charge up your car and with the Tesla Supercharger app you can easily find them. This makes it very convenient to use your electric car.

2 – Better for the environment

As we’ve seen from the lockdown in place all over the world, if we take traffic off of the streets, air quality goes way up almost overnight. If all cars were electric we would see the same results.

If more people drive electric cars, then we will see a huge improvement in air quality and possibly a slow down on climate change.

3 – Less operating costs

Electricity is not as cheap as it used to be, but it is still far cheaper than filling up your car with gas. For just a few extra dollars per month on your electric bill, you can charge your car.

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Not only that, but you won’t be doing any expensive oil changes or dealing with typical wear and tear on a combustible engine.

Here are the cons

Now, I will give you some food for thought by letting you know the disadvantages of having an electric car.

1 – High initial purchase price

Electric cars are getting cheaper, but they are still not affordable to many people. They will need to come down significantly in price to be adopted by the masses. Sure, there are tax credits that take some of the sting away, but you still need to have the money to buy the car initially to take advantage of the tax savings.

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2 – Less choice

At this point in time, there are not that many models available. Just about every car maker has an electric model for sale, but they are almost all limited to one or two. This limits your choice a bit.

3 – Low perceived mileage

Many people see the miles they can get between charges and feel like it is not enough. The reality is that most people don’t drive as far as they actually think. If they were to track their mileage they would see that they drive less than the maximum range of an EV. It is going to be hard to break this perception.

Electric Cars - Pros and Cons - Dailycarblog.com
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