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Former Honest John YouTuber Goes It Alone To Become Mark Nichol

Former Honest John – which is debatable on so many levels – YouTube host and car reviewer has gone AWOL. Actually, the poor lad was ‘let-go’ by his former employers. Unsurprisingly Honest John – which is debatable on so many levels – veered into administration. The company reported significant cashflow issues, which is another way of saying someone loaded a lot of debt onto the company, pocketed the debt, and then made a ‘dignified’ exit, made to look like a “I-did-all-I-could” self-sacrifice. The website was later purchased by Hey Cars and remains alive to terrorize future generations.

Geordie Motoring journalist Mark Nichol was the only bright spot about the website and it’s YouTube channel. His truth to power reviews makes a PR marketing billy goat puke. But his cheeky chappie, glint in the eye YouTube persona remains undimmed.

And now he is, in many ways, starting his YouTube life again with a new channel, Mark Nichol Cars. It appears Nichol has taken his previous YouTubing experience, the green screen, an iMac, and a tattoo parlor with him on the next phase of his journey.

Mark Nichol - Dailycarblog
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