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Bentley Continental GT And Bentayga is Now Available With A Carbon Fibre Styling Pack
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Bentley’s optional carbon fibre Pack for the Continental GT and Bentayga doesn’t have a specific brand name. Well, it does, Bentley refers to it as the Styling Specification, which is like calling an AI automated cyborg a… remote control machine. So what does the model-specific carbon fibre Styling Specification add? It includes the following, a front bumper splitter, side skirts with metallic Bentley badges, rear diffuser and boot lid spoiler in high gloss carbon fibre.

The Bentayga package also includes a bi-plane tailgate spoiler and rear screen strakes, again all in high gloss carbon fibre, with the additional options of front air blades, wing vents and mirror caps in a matching finish.

Bentley Stlying Specification - Bentayga - Dailycarblog

The Styling Specification has been developed by the same engineering team responsible for the carbon fibre components on the previous-generation Continental GT (including the GT3-R and Supersports models) and the Pikes Peak and Ice Race Continental GTs.

Bentley Stlying Specification - CC Weave - Dailycarblog

Bentley actually went to the trouble of computer modeling the aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, and drove over 100,000km to durability test the Carbon fiber elements. The parts are assessed through a variety of validation tests before they are certified.

Bentley Stlying Specification - Continental - Dailycarblog

The Styling Specification pack is available to order through Bentley’s network of retailers and can be specified when a new car is ordered or retrofitted at a later date to enhance a customer’s existing car. The option will also soon be introduced to the new Flying Spur.

Bentley Stlying Specification - Dailycarblog
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