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BYD Han EV Treads A Solo Path For Chinese Made Premium Luxury Electric Saloons
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BYD, a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, battery-powered bicycles, buses, forklifts, solar panels, rechargeable batteries, has revealed its brand new pure electric flagship model aimed squarely at the premium luxury saloon market. The BYD Han EV will available to buy in Europe. The Han EV is the first full-electric passenger car equipped with BYD’s so-called ‘Blade Battery’ technology – the company claims their proprietary battery technology is safer, offers improved range and a compact design.

The BYD Han EV won’t be cheap, BYD has ear-marked a retail of between the €45,000 to 55,000 range, placing it firmly in the premium-spec, executive car segment. The Han EV will first be unveiled in China towards the end of June 2020.

A high-performance silicon carbide motor-control propels the Han EV from zero to 100km/h (62mph) in a claimed time of 3.9 seconds. The so-called Blade Battery offers a 376-mile range, based on the NEDC test cycle.

The Han EV has been conceived, designed and manufactured to meet the high standards that often appeal to buyers in the premium luxury market. However, BYD will have some persuading to do to convince European buyers of mainly German premium luxury car brands to make the leap.

A fully electric Chinese premium luxury saloon hovering in the same price bracket as a BMW 520d MSport might be an appealing transition to some, but not all. For example, Lexus isn’t at the top of every premium luxury car buyer’s choice. BYD going to have to convince fickle European tastes that the Han EV is not a retrograde step.

BYD Han EV Saloon, interior, dailycarblog

If the BYD Han EV can match the cosseting luxury offered by Mercedes, Audi, BMW then that is a good starting point. A pure electric premium luxury sedan costing around 44,000 euros might be tempting to some 520d MSport buyers but perhaps not to the majority. 

BYD Han EV Saloon, dailycarblog
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