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Repair and Replacement Services for Windshields and Autoglass

Just like the eyes are the window to the soul, so is the windshield to the car. Driving around with a damaged car windshield can not only obstruct your view of the road, but it can also be the cause of serious accidents. Most of us has experienced minor to major windshield damage in our lives. Either from a hailstorm, a flying pebble, or an accident. Determining whether you should replace or repair your windshield is dependent on a few factors.

You should replace your windshield if:

  • It obstructs the driver’s vision
  • The glass’ inner layer is damaged and broken
  • The crack or chip is near the edge of the glass, bordering the car’s body
  • The crack in the glass is longer than 13 inches
  • The hole or chip is larger than 3 inches

You should repair your windshield if:

  • The crack in the glass is shorter than 12 inches
  • After it has been fixed the vehicle will still be safe on to drive on the road and provide relevant security
  • The crack or chip isn’t near the edge of the glass
  • The glass’ outer layer is damaged but not the inner layer

Learn more about this part of the vehicle’s body here:


The most obvious reason why you should replace or repair a damaged glass is because of safety reasons. Having a strong piece of glass between you and the road can ultimately safe your life. Acting as a barrier between you and bugs, flying objects, as well as add extra protection for when you are in an accident.

When you fix small cracks and holes in the glass on a timely manner, you will save a lot of money in the future. Technicians take less than an hour to fix small chips and cracks. Once small damage is repaired, it will prevent the damage from spreading. If the crack is left for too long, you might end up having to replace it, which is much more costly. This repair procedure will restore the glass’ visibility and strength.

When the glass is damaged beyond repair, then a replacement window should be installed. Even though it is the most expensive option, there is no way around it. Professionals will be able to install the right unit in its place and restore the vehicle to its former glory.


There are loads of automotive companies in every single town. Finding one that charges a reasonable price, while delivering a quality service can be a bit tricky. Companies like Insta Glass windshield repair is a great option when looking for quality services.

To help you make an informed decision, consider the following factors when looking for a replacement and repair windshield:

Safety First

It’s important that you get your windshield fixed as soon as possible. Driving for a short distance is okay, but before you tackle a long road trip, find a reliable service.

This piece of glass is a structural and safety component in the car’s design. When it is damaged it weakens the car’s integrity and ability to protect you.

Not only will it act as a barrier between you and the road, but it also acts as a clear see-through glass. If the crack impairs the driver’s vision, it should be fixed ASAP.

Size and Model Number

In the same way that there are a variety of different model cars available, there are loads of different windshield dimensions and styles. The company in question should have the correct type of model on hand, or at least be able to order it.

Tools and Techniques

The company should have the right tools on hand to be able to safely repair the windshield. It’s important that once the glass is fixed that it adheres to the ROLAGS (Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass) standards.

Technicians who aren’t experienced won’t be able to fix holes and cracks in the glass perfectly and safely.


If you aren’t scared of getting your hands dirty and don’t want pay an extra service fee for installation, you can install the replacement glass yourself. By following this quick step-by-step guide, you’ll have a safe vehicle in no time.

  1. Visit a quality Auto glass store and make sure that you buy the correct windshield for your vehicle model. You can either consult someone at the Auto glass store to help find the right model. Or you can refer to the 17-digit VIN number on the dashboard.
  2. Cover the interior with a strong paper or plastic. This includes the aircon system, defroster, and heater.

  3. Remove parts that is situated near the glass. This includes wipers, rearview mirrors, and side mirrors (if possible).

  4. Put on protective gear that will protect you from any glass shards and broken pieces.

  5. Make sure that the rubber gasket around the window isn’t damaged. Exposure to extreme heats can dry out this part of the vehicle, and it may also need replacement. Run a blunt knife around the frame underneath the gasket and remove it carefully.

  6. Gently push the windshield from the inside of the vehicle to the outside. This isn’t always a one-man job. Be careful to not let the glass shatter or break any further.

  7. Remove all debris, rust, and dirt from the frame underneath.

  8. Connect the gasket (old or new) and the replacement glass together.

  9. Using petroleum jelly, seal them together and put the unit onto the frame.

  10. Fit the new model and press it in firmly.

  11. Clean the area and leave it a while to dry off completely.

Watch this video for some expert techniques on installing car glass yourself.

The easiest way to ensure that your car’s replacement windshield is installed correctly is to leave it in the capable hands of a repair and a replacement service.

No matter which way you go about it, always ensure that your windshield is in tip top shape.

Windshield, dailycarblog
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