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Incredible $21m Bel Air Mansion Includes Fleet of Luxury Cars

This is what $21 million dollars gets you in the Bel Air district of Los Angeles, a luxurious mansion complete with a fleet of luxury cars and supercars. What else did you expect? We’ve been looking at properties ever since the coronavirus lockdown forced us to abandon our London office space. We took the cheapest option and fled to a windswept hill whereupon we erected a tent. The incessant wind constantly buffets the tent which causes it to flap repeatedly and somewhat loudly.

And that got us thinking, what if we decided to relocate to sunnier climes? Spain is out of the question because the British have flocked to the region and ruined it with their persistent colonial-mindset, rule Brittania, beer-drinking “lads” far-right attitude. The next best destination is Los Angeles where the sun never seems to set.

The area we zoned into is Bel Air, a neighborhood on the Westside of Los Angeles, California, in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. The problem is, to become a Bel Air resident you need many, many millions in the bank. Now, The Daily Car Blog is never going to be a million-dollar concern. And that all but rules us out of Bel Air residency.

Nevertheless, we do have a contingency plan in the event some deluded fool decides to buy this car news blog. YouTuber Enes Yilmazer takes a tour of said $21 million dollar Bel Air mansion. Set in a plot of 5 acres, the 17,415 sq ft interior / (1617.9 sq mt) would be a significant upgrade to our tent on a windswept hill here in cold, rain-sodden Great Britain.

Bel Air Mansion, dailycarblog
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