Suzuki Swift Attitude, mild-hybrid, Pinocchio, dailycarblog
This Suzuki Swift Attitude Believes It Is A Full Hybrid, And Not A Real Boy
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The connection we are trying to make here with the banner headlines is loosely connected with Pinocchio. Because, lately, Suzuki has taken to re-badging Toyota’s as real Suzuki’s. That’s not too dissimilar to the Daily Car Blog saying it is indeed Autocar. We can all live with the little white lie here and there and believe fantasies really do exist. But the Suzuki Swift Attitude is a real Suzuki with a real Suzuki developed mild-hybrid system. It’s all part of Suzuki’s drive to clean up its emissions act. 

So what is the Suzuki Swift Hybrid all about. It’s more about Suzuki and a little less Toyota. The Special Edition Swift Attitude which is actually a real mild-Hybrid equipped is limited to just 350 cars in the UK. The Attitude is based on the SZ-T model and offers a unique exterior design from its numerous styling upgrades.

Suzuki Swift Attitude, mild-hybrid, dailycarblog

The Suzuki Attitude is powered by Suzuki’s K12C 1.2-litre Dualjet four-cylinder engine and 12-volt mild-Hybrid system with an output of 90PS and is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. It has claimed a CO2 emissions figure of 121g/km. The combined fuel consumption is 52.7 mpg.

The Swift Attitude is available in Fervent Red as a solid colour and Pure White, Premium Silver, Super Black, Speedy Blue, Mineral Grey and Burning Red as metallic colours as a £485 cost option.

The Swift Attitude is priced at £15,999 and available with a zero percent PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) offer too. 

Suzuki Swift Attitude, mild-hybrid, Pinocchio, dailycarblog
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