Walter Carr the man with no car, dailycarblog
Walter Carr, The Man With No Car Who Walked 20 Miles To Get To Work

Walter Carr the man with no car. This story occurred back in 2018 and went as viral as a pandemic. We want to relive this moment because carblogs and car editorials are full of aloof motoring journalists who can not afford to buy the cars they drive. But for those non-motoring journalists, the reality is far different. As illustrated in this tear-jerking story about a young Alabama college student. Walter Carr was due to start a new job, but the day before his car had broken down.

Unable to afford repairs Carr decided to walk the 20 miles to work. Determined to start on time Carr set off at midnight after estimating it would take several hours by foot. Fourteen miles into his walk, somewhat exhausted by now, Car was spotted by a patrolling police car.

The officer asked him what he was doing out so early in the morning. Upon learning of Walter Carr’s incredible determination the officer drove Carr for the last few miles of his journey. The rest is tear-jerking history, and I’ve got to stop because I have some dust in my eyes I gotta wash out.

Walter Carr the man with no car, dailycarblog
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