Audi RS7 Rich Rebuilds, dailycarblog
Rich Rebuilds Tried To Service His Barn-Found Audi RS7… Many Mistakes Were Made

So, YouTuber Rich Rebuilds found an Audi RS7 in a barn looking worse for wear. Often associated with rebuilding accident-damaged Teslas, Rich Rebuilds sold his small fleet of Teslas to buy and repair the RS7. Many dollars were spent on refurbishing the 700bhp Audi. But when it came to servicing, the YouTuber decided to carry out the servicing all by himself.

The RS7 brakes cost $4k from an Audi dealership. Clearly owning a high-performance Audi doesn’t come cheap. And we don’t have anything else to add at the moment. In moments like this, we word-fill but it’s not happening for us today. Just watch the video.

Audi RS7 Rich Rebuilds, dailycarblog
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